Monday, February 8, 2010

Define Friends????????

Reading Isabel's post on defining friends got me remembering my own speech.It was around five seconds but I still remember the starting line, "What is friends? Is it someone that we borrow homework from to copy? Is it someone who is always there for you?". So what is the definition of friends? Is it merely someone who shares your jokes? Or does it go deeper than that? Do we have a connection, a bond, that absolute feeling that you can trust that certain someone to your death? Or are we all just friends with benefits? In life we meet many different kinds of people. Kind ones, selfish ones, cruel despicable ones, timid ones, brave ones, there are just so many types of personalities out there. How do we know which one would be our perfect match? Which is the one that can share our ups and downs?

Sometimes I too wonder if I can trust the certain people which I hang out with. Its hard to judge a book by it cover. You would never know what they are thinking inside. I guess only in certain circumstances that we can know who we ought to hold true to our hearts.

Penang-Kuala Lumpur

Standard 6
We're moving to KL..

Form Four
Thank god we moved to KL

Perhaps I was immature back then but moving to KL then was flat-out a big NO for me. But looking back now its really great that we moved down. I had a whole new slate to begin in Form One no one knew me that was one of the best and worse part of it. I could have lied bout who I was but somehow I didnt(arent I nice?) If my primary school friends were to see me in school now I think they'll be shocked. I was always the introvert, the quiet ass in class. Now....I think Dee Hva's words in Moral sums it all up "cakap terlalu banyak"

What else? Now I'm joining debate, duet acting doing stuff I'd never have the guts to do if I hadnt move down to KL. Coming to KL made me more extroverted. Made me experience a wide variety of personalities. Made me more of an all-rounder. Made me dirty-minded. Made me curse though not frequently( I dont curse like a military man). Made me more independent. I can go on with the 'made me's all day long but in short KL has really done a lot to me. I will always be a anak Penang at heart but KL molded my personality.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fly Time Fly...Let the Life Fly

Can't believe it's been almost 6 months since my last post since I've got the urge to blog suddenly I'm doing it.

Went to the 'pasar malam' tonight. Tried for the first time some 'chou taufu'. It tasted awesome but smelled like chicken shit! Yaowzers!

Moving on, we got caught in the rain, so started to wander around, prowling in the Hotel Sri Petaling, went for a drink in Old Town, and then we stumbled upon a DVD store. Cha-Cha.

Bought 8 movies for only RM 42 and got one for free. Damn its nice. Manage the procure movies like Zombieland, Jennifer's Body, Heartbreak Kid, My Sister's Keeper, Four Christmases, Saving Private Ryan, Inglorious Bastards and last but not least The Hangover.

All in all, it was agreat night out eventhough when we got picked up by the parents there was crabbiness. Sheesh....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today as my brother and I were having dinner..the conversation turned to chocolates. And the conversation went as the following,(WARNING:THOSE EATING DO NOT READ THIS!!!)
My brother

You know its very easy to make chocolates.
Oh really?
Yeah. Just get some melted chocolate stir it and dump it into the fridge.
So easy meh?
Yeah even Mieke can make chocolates.
Dark chocolate milk chocolate
Oh yeah theres the one with a bit of green in it
Oh that tea flavor!
Ugh...better stop the conversation now
Hard chocolate soft chocolate...Muahahaha
********THE END********

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Excretions can be harmful...

Yesterday night I took my dog out for a walk. On our way back like 10 meters away from home, she decided to EXCRETE herself in the middle of the road....and so on and so forth. After that, we returned home and my brother was posted out to clean up the shit. He returned ten minutes later in fits of laughter. Why? As he reached the crime scene, some motorist in hurry just ran over the shit...poor poor guy. If he wasn't in such a hurry he would have escaped a tragic mishap.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

OK OK maybe now I'm a little addicted to blogging... just a little!But it's only been one day....I MIGHT change my mind..i think...think?


Just finished watching Selena Gomez's Another Cinderella it just me or it her face looking really kid-ish?